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Team Imaginary Racing
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Team Imaginary Racing
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Product Name - The Quick Pit

  • Part Number - 18XID

  • Cap Material - .125 black stipple finished ABS plastic laser cut for precision

  • Base - 3"X5" wooden storage box, a 6"X6" version is also available

  • Accommodations -  The Quick Pit right out of the box can house your cordless Dremel tool (specify large or small battery), your Black Gold sized oil bottle, 1 race car, and a lane card. There are also 2 holes for a screw driver and allen wrench for that last minute trackside adjustment.

  • Variations - I believe in the "have it your way" philosophy, I will take custom orders. As far as options are concerned the sky is the limit!

The Quick Pit
Quick Pit #18XID

Don't worry race happy!

1/24 Quick Pit - Imagine That!!

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