Cruzin' Track Systems

Mobile: (480) 249-2090

Cruzin' uses only Premium Slot Car Components:
Lap Counters: TrikTrax
Parma International, Inc. and
Pro-Track Corporation
All prices F.O.B. Phoenix, Az.

Pro-Track Corporation Trik Trax

Cute little 7'X16' "Figure 8"

4'X10' 4 Lane hinged 1/32 Scale "Inverted Oval"
makes a great party track!

1/32 Scale 4'X12" 4 Lane "Inverted Oval"
packs more punch into a smaller area.

8'X18' 1/24 Scale "Figure 8" 6 Lane layout.
High speed banking with challenging donut turn.

1/32 Scale 4 Lane 4'X16' "Donut" figure 8 style
is a greater challenge than an oval.

4X12 1/32 scale Tri-Oval w/magnetic braid.
Complete setup including Parma cars, controllers, Trik Trax lap counter & 2 Zurich power supplies.

7'X16' Dirt Tri-Oval Deluxe Model - Price includes Lap Counter
& LCD Timer for timed heat races.
Squiggley 8 Too - 8'X23' and can also be set up 8'X16'

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