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January 2000

Go Slot Car Racing !!

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Dave and Ron Chubb's
Fastrax Model Speedway
3305 Main Street
Springfield, Oregon 
Phone: (541) 744-6166

71' Drag Strip & 155' Blue King

Computerized Sales Area 125' Red Kingleman

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A little over two years ago my brother Ron moved from Florida to Oregon, bringing his slot cars with him. At that time I wasn’t really all that interested but he found Thunderbird Raceway in Springfield. He bought me a car and we went racing – something I hadn’t done since he and I was in our teens back in the 60’s. Of course I got hooked, and we started going every weekend for about a year and a half.

We then learned the owner had decided to get out of the model car racing business and made us an offer we couldn’t refuse. This was good since we had invested a lot in our cars and related equipment. On May 1st of this past year we bought the raceway. Ron is the financier and I am the manager. I also own a small air tool repair business so running a slot car raceway was more down my alley.

We have three other volunteer helpers here most of the time and they are just the best guys around. We work different evenings so nobody works too much and this works out great. Ron and I just couldn’t do without their valuable help. J.P. McNut is the best salesman with lots of knowledge of cars and motors. Chris Matthews is our technical support for track maintenance and wiring and is also very knowledgeable about cars and motors. Carl Matthews (Chris’ brother) is an extremely good driver and helps train the new customers. He’s very valuable to the raceway as well!

We’ve added many new niceties to the raceway, including race monitors, food, drinks and larger pit areas/work stations.

Currently our customers enjoy racing on a 155’ Blue King in very excellent condition. Chris and Carl Matthews own a beautiful Red Kingleman 125’ layout that is also in the building. In addition to the two road courses we have a 71’ laser-straight Drag Strip with Christmas tree lights and computerized timing that’s right on the nose!

Fastrax Speedway’s physical facility is a 4,000 sq. ft. building with plenty of room and we’re proud that it’s going to be the host track for the first set of N.S.C.A. Races on January 23rd. Later we will again host the N.S.C.A. on May 20th. We are looking forward to these races and have been told by numerous racers that we have the nicest facility in the Northwest. We invite any and all racers and TOA members to visit us here in Springfield, Oregon anytime you’re in the area.

Sincerely yours,

Dave Chubb
Fastrax Model Speedway

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